Al Foran is an impressionist, mimic and comedian from Dublin, Ireland. What was once a hobby has turned into a full time career.

A man of extraordinary talent Al has over a hundred separate voices in his arsenal of comedic impressions which he can call about at anytime depending on the situation.

His stand-outs impressions are Conor McGregor, Robert De Niro, Donald Trump, and Jose Mourinho.

With a Facebook following of over 310,000, regular appearance on RTE’s funny Friday, various TV & Radio appearances and his various contributions to various JOE.IE, Uni-Lad & LadBible videos Al’s star is now a household name in Ireland and his popularity internationally continues to grow.

His talent & creative flexibility make him the perfect choice for LIMOR’s innovative social audio app and followers can expect to hear him post regular casts on his LIMOR profile over the coming months.


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