Limor ambassador – Definition


A LIMOR ambassador is an aspiring, or former professional athlete, a well-known tv or radio personality, an individual who has overcome adversity to achieve success in life, business, education, achieved professional in their own specialized field and so fourth.

This individual, who has been hand picked to represent LIMOR on the Limor social audio application, the Limor website, Limor YouTube channel, Limor social media channels, in the mainstream media events, business events, or any public event.

Ambassador will help endorse Limor, establishing the credibility of the product amongst the appropriate demographic, engage with existing and new followers through their own experience, and express a genuine satisfaction of the items that they are seen to wear. 

They embody our company ethos and are as passionate about the Limor product. 



1.     Introduction

2.     Role of an Ambassador

3.     Expectations – from you and from us

4.     Application process

5.     Ambassador training event

6.     Contact information 


The following document is designed to act as a reference and guide to each LIMOR ambssador during their term in the role and contains key information pertaining to the use of language and terms which describe the application.

The ambassador information pack also covers a general but non specific overview of an Ambassadors key roles and obligations, and likewise Limor’s key roles and responsabilties to its ambassadors and partners.

Limor and Limor ambassador you will together share a common vision and have the abilty to articulate this vision to their audience. A common “Limor language” now exists which consists of specific adjectives which must be used when describing or discussing Limors key features and USP’s (Unique selling propositions)

It ensures a clear and concise communication of this application all of the time.

It is vital that all ambassadors are highly educated on the platfom and have the ability to navigate and operate the application proficiently and have the ability to define and the sell the platforms USP’s (unique selling propostions) again using the “Limor language”

If the applcation is described differently too frequently the message will become diluted, confusing, and effect consistency of the delivery.

As a final note, although Limor will fully support each ambassador to the enth degree it is ultimatelly the responsibilty of the ambaasador to delvier on the obligations in their respective ambassadorial agreement.

You will be required to self manage your progrmm and social contributions but ultimately and are expected to be passionate about Limor for whom you are an ambssador or partner.

Role of ambassador

To increase brand awareness, promote and endorse Limor social audio app, help to acquire new users and build customer preference for our brand. The BA will do this by regular social audio casting, podcasting by promoting each audio contribution and/or content through the medium of video, photography, copy, and of course audio on the respective social media platforms, Limor and by word of mouth.

Social media accounts and links

Twitter -

Facebook -

Instagram -

Website -

YouTube -

E-mail –

Limor Marketing Guidelines

These guidelines are provided to help Limor abassadors correctly promote their affiliation with the Limor in all marketing communications. The guidelines include information on using the Limor app and Limor images, as well as app marketing best practices.

Always use artwork provided by Limor without modification. If you have difficulites with the use of any graphic design please contact limor at design support

Limor reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the App Store logo and branding or any other promotional material if at anytime their use is inconsistent with these guidelines or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by Limor.


The information contained in these guidelines is subject to change at any time.


Limor logo

Use the Limor logo and or branding whenever you promote your Limor profile, casts, or affiliation. It should be included on all electronic and printed communications, such as TV commercials, print ads, video trailers, e-mail, newsletters and websites. 

The Downloaded Limor app and Limor app product images should be used on all marketing materials that promote your affiliation with the Limor app.

·         Use accurate terminology when referencing Limor app and social audio platform.

·         Use clear messaging and direct calls to action in your communications.

·         Provide appropriate credit attribution for Limor trademarked terms used.

·         Use your own design; don’t imitate Apple marketing or typography.

·         For Limor IOS: Run marketing campaigns only in countries where Apple Watch is available for sale.


Limor will make available the official logo and branding for all ambssadors to use  

The official Limor logo and branding has been professionaly designed and has a specific size and colour palette.

Please do not alter the original design in any way when using it.


will be made available for all ambssadors to use in all digital and hard copy promotional material

Please do not use of limor is logo and branding is only permitted

Socail audio VS Podcasting 

Simon Monahan will be your main contact as ambassador manager.

As an application it is not all that unfamiliar, but as a platform its is alone in the market place and so although the marketing is highy important the education an indoctrination of the public that will use it is key to its suceess.

Product features


  • Voice comments – underneath casts
  • Sharing of audio (specifically voice comments)
  • Casting
  • Follows
  • Re casting voice/audio recording
  • The Home feed
  • Profiles
  • Audio record feature

Diction (“Limor language”)


Please see below a list of the “Limor language” The words below as a common language across all platforms and will be used in marketing, PR, both in copy (text) and audio



Primary language


  • Social audio, Limor social audio, social audio app, social audio application
  • Audio, audio cast,  
  • Cast, casts, casted, casting, share cast, save cast, top casts, re-cast, re-casted, re-casting
  • (A re-cast is the equivalent of sharing)
  • (Note: please do not use podcasting when referring to a cast)
  • Listen, listens
  • Tag, Tags, Trending Tags, Tagged
  • Audio comment, audio comments, audio commenting
  • Follow, follows, followers, unfollow
  • Like, likes, liked
  • Homefeed
  • Discover, Discovery page
  • Notification, Notifications
  • User, users
  • Profile, profiles


Within podcast recording feature

  • Record, recording, recorded
  • Cast, edit cast, edit cast length
  • Draft, save draft, don’t save draft
  • Edit, edited
  • Marker, Markers, Multiple Markers
  • Publish, Publish Now, Publish Later, Published, Publishing
  • Title
  • Caption
  • Insert Photo
  • Location
  • Notification, notifications
  • Bookmark, bookmarks
  • Application, app
  • Report, report cast

Taglines & Phrases


Join the conspiracy

The future of social audio

On the go audio

DIY podcasting

Record, edit, share listen.


The U.S.P-  Unique selling proposition


1. Social audio – the social sharing of audio


2. It combines the best aspects of social media with audio and or podcasting