My name is Andrew McGahon. I am 24 years old from Dundalk in Co Louth.  I started covering Irish MMA in the summer of 2010. 2 years later I joined up with SevereMMA.

A newly established website which would soon rise to become Ireland and Europe’s premier Mixed Martial Arts website. We focused on the covering of the local talents of the sport at a grass roots level. Driving the length of the country to small halls to cover the sport and interview fighters and coaches at the shows.

In late 2016 I received an offer to work for and it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. Regardless of who I work for or what I do in this line of work, SevereMMA will always be the most important thing I have contributed to. Andrew McGahon for is a line that is permanently etched into my brain. 

In 2012 a few pro fighters on the scene were starting to gain traction by winning world titles with Cage Warriors and fighting and beating very good european level talents. A young man from Dublin on New Years Eve 2012 knocked out Ivan Buchinger to become a 2 weight Cage Warriors World Champion and the rest is history. 

It’s been a rollercoaster ride covering the sport the last couple of years. I attended Ballyfermot College of Further Education and studied there for 3 years. Doing a general media course before progressing onto a 2 year Radio course. I would spend hours messing around in a studio, recording myself and learning how to edit a little bit better. 

During all of this time I was training in Brazilian JiuJitsu. I had started originally to understand the concept of MMA a little bit better, if I was going to be reporting and covering the sport I wanted to know a little bit more about the grappling side of things. 

To fund all of this, I worked in a nightclub. I’d love to tell you great things about that line of work but I’d be lying to you. I did meet my girlfriend doing it so there’s that at least. I stayed there because they gave me as much time off as I needed whenever I needed it in relation to MMA covering. Once I no longer needed to stay there, It was the best feeling in the world to finally leave and start this new chapter. 

I think the world is changing massively and after having a great time building up the SevereMMA Podcast with the wonderful Sean Sheehan. I am exciting to start throwing myself into Limor to see where we can take this in a world that’s lacking a little bit more audio. 

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