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+ What is limor?

Limor is a new social audio application for IOS and Android smart phones.

+ Where does the name Limor come from?

The name LIMOR is an acronymn formed as an abbreviation of the words 'less is more', which is the name of the company behind the LIMOR app.

+ What is social audio?

It is a piece of technology, in this instance the LIMOR app, which enables users to create and share audio content or to participate in social networking all using their voice or sound as audio.

+ What is the main difference between social media and social audio?

Social media and social audio are very closely related but worlds apart at the same time. The main difference is the type of media which is being shared socially. Traditional social media has been developed with the focus of sharing pictures, videos and text. LIMOR has been designed to share audio (voice) across its own social network. This social network is the LIMOR social audio samrtphone app.

+ How much does LIMOR cost?

The LIMOR app does not cost anything, it is free to download.

+ Is Limor available on desktop?

No, LIMOR is not available on a desktop. Right now it is only available as an app on IOS and Android smart phones. It may also be viewed on tablet devices such as iPads.

+ Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, the minmum age is 14 years of age. There is no maximum age.


+ Where can I download Limor?

One of two places.

1. On the AppStore - download here

2. On the Google Play Store - download here

+ How do i contact technical support?

To contact technical support click here

+ If i spot any bugs or technical issues what should i do?

Contact the technical support team immediatly. Contact technical support here

+ Is there a technical support system on the LIMOR app?

Yes, the LIMOR app has an in built report function. To flag a technical issue, click on the main gear icon on the top right hand corner of the app screen. On the lower part of the menu you will see a button labelled 'report a problem'. Click on this button and a LIMOR support request email window will appear. Please complete the email form including your reason for making contact and press submit.

+ How long will it take to recieve a response?

Typical repsonse time is 24 hours. If your request is urgent visit our 'contact us' page and send a email to our support team.

+ What do i do If i lose/forget my password?

If you lose/forget your password you can request a new one via the login page on the LIMOR app. Shortly after you will recieve a reset password link to the email registered to on your account. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

+ If I encouter abusive behaviour, inapporiate or explicit content while using LIMOR how do I report it ?

We recommend using LIMOR's in built reporting functionality located in the cast menu. The menu button is located on the top right hand corner of the published cast window. Reports will flag inappropriate or abusive content to LIMOR's monitoring team.

+ How do I share my casts on Facebook?

To share a cast click on the share cast button on the top right hand corner of the cast image. It is indicated by 3 horizontally placed dots. When you press 'share cast' your smart phone will open its own share menu with a list of options. From the menu select how you would like to share. People you share a cast with will recieve a live LIMOR link. Clicking on the link will take them back to the LIMOR app to listen to the cast on the LIMOR media player.

+ Can i share and play LIMOR casts on an external platform outside of the LIMOR app?

No, shared casts can only be played on the LIMOR app.

+ Can i navigate my phones menu and still listen to a LIMOR cast?

Yes, you can continute to listen to LIMOR casts and navigate other apps and pages on your smart phone.

+ How do I delete a cast?

To delete one of your own casts navigate to your profile page and locate the cast you would like to delete. From there click the sub menu button (indicated by 3 horizontal dots) on the top right of the cast image. From the menu select 'Delete'. Your cast is now deleted from LIMOR.


+ What is the correct spelling, 'LIMOR' or Lemur?

Both spellings are correct. The app is spelled L.I.M.O.R, while the primate is spelled L.e.m.u.r.

+ Do LIMOR own any pet Lemur's?

No, LIMOR do not own any pet Lemurs.

+ Is it true Lemurs are an endangered species?

Yes, that is correct. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) considers lemurs to be the world's most endangered mammals, noting that as of 2013 up to 90% of all lemur species face extinction within the next 20 to 25 years. Find out more here

+ Is LIMOR an Irish company?

Yes, LIMOR is an Irish techology company.

+ Who came up with the idea for the LIMOR?

Irish man Shane Monahan came up with the idea for the LIMOR app. Read the story here

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