Farmer Michael

Farmer Michael

Farmer MICHaeL and Kathleen


Sir Stevo Timothy and Sinead Nora McGrath join Limor as brand and product ambassadors.

The pair have become famous through their depiction of Farmer Michael and Kathleen, in which Kathleen poses questions to Michael about general topics or news and Farmer Michael answers as a grumpy old man from the West of Ireland would. He has no patience or tolerance for most of the topics discussed and usually blows a fuse and begins a rant in his strong wiissssttt of Ireland accent offering an often distasteful and highly offensive manner, all tongue in cheek of course. 

Famed for their Youtube videos (having amassed over 2 million views) The Galway based comedians will work alongside Limor using the social audio platform to publish and share new and exclusive 'Farmer Michael and Kathleen' audio and podcast material.

Follow Michael (steveo) and his long suffering wife Kathleen (Sinead) as they discuss all well known world topics, from Donald Trump to Caitlyn Jenner and from Conor Mcgregor to Lady Gaga!

We are so excited to join Limor. Social audio is such an exciting new format and it is going to allow us to connect and engage with Farmer Michael and Kathleen fans in a way we never thought possible. Expect to hear Farmer Michael giving out shtink when he finds out he has to make a podcast.

— Sir Stevo Timothy & Sinéad Nora McGrath

Exclusive to Limor 'Farmer Michael' will also host a brand new questions and answers segment where Farmer Michael will share his unique opinions and advice with the Limor conspiracy. Farmer Michael will answer his Limor followers questions and 'help' them in a similar way to Dr.Phil but...different. 

Limor is so easy to use even Kathleen can use it!
— Farmer Michael

With Limors unique direct social audio fan engagement Farmer Michael is expected to create massive excitement amongst his growing fanbase.


Farmer Michaels notoriety has not been reserved for comedy he has called out Conor McGregor and starred in short film ‘Try Hard’ with Irish rugby international Simon Zebo. 

In a recent interview Stevo commented that Farmer Michael is something that happened almost by chance,

"One day I decided to rap in a farmers accent and record it. I posted it on YouTube and it blew up and I guess I went along with it."

The videos are shot from the driver seat of his car and Michael talks directly at the camera and Kathleen behind it. The simple format has been a major success and The simple instant content creation style lends itself perfectly to the functionality of the Limor app. 

Kathleen and farmer Michael in their famous car!

Kathleen and farmer Michael in their famous car!

The format for Farmer Michael on Limor will become a regular contributor on the social audio app.


Farmer Michael will be airing exclsive voice audio to Limor from his profile as will Sinead.


Follow the pair on Limor on their Limor profile @stevoandsinead.


For more information on the Limor app go to the how to page on the website.


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