“traditional podcast” Kickstarter package

Social audio and voice is the future of technology and social media interaction. The need to begin building your sonic identity and audio brand is more important than ever in order to part take in this voice technology revolution and market that is already valued at billions of dollars. Setting up a Limor profile is the quickest ,easiest and most cost effective way of building your audio presence and conversing instantly with the world through voice in a social environment, The other is by creating and sharing a traditional podcast.


Limor is now offering anyone in Ireland a high level traditional podcast creation package. Recording, editing and sharing podcast content can often be expensive in time, money and resources, throw video and promotion content into the mix and this level of expense increases exponentially. Where the limor platform gives instant access to the world of voice , The Limor kickstarter package will do the same for the traditional podcast , we do the work you just have to talk!

The kickstarter package includes:

  • Recording of your podcast audio

  • Video recording of your podcast

  • Professional editing of your audio and video content

  • Promotional images

  • Social media podcast trailers for instagram, twitter and facebook

  • A verified Limor profile

For anyone based in Ireland, get in touch today to start your podcast journey and start building your audio brand.

In this video Limor CEO Shane Monahan discusses the idea behind the kickstarter package on his own traditional podcast “Mono E Mono” with guest podcaster and entrepreneur Gary Fox.

What is a traditional podcast?

The perception of most is that podcasting is a new emerging industry going through huge growth, when in fact podcasting has been around for a long time, The very first podcasts reaching as far back as the 1980’s. In essence the structure, recording, production and sharing of podcasts back then and now has changed very little. This lack of innovation and adaptation to technology from the podcast industry is a major reason why podcasts have found it difficult to go “mainstream”. It is this stagnation that led to the birth of Limor. Limor is the needed evolution of social media into voice and the evolution of podcasting into social, Limor is the new and Podcasting is the old , old doesn’t mean bad in this case it means traditional.

A traditional podcast -incorporating a static studio space, equipment ,and guest

A traditional podcast -incorporating a static studio space, equipment ,and guest

Starting a traditional podcast can be very expensive in equipment, time and resources. This fact is often enough to scare people away from starting a podcast and prevents them from beginning their journey into voice and building their own sonic identity. The thought of establishing a studio, recording audio, editing this audio, recording video of the podcast and editing this video and then creating content to promote said podcast is very daunting indeed. Limor wants to allow people to instantly create , share and converse via social audio and voice and for those who wish to start a podcast to be able easily do so. It is for this reason that limor is now offering the podcast kickstarter package.

Get in touch and start your own traditional podcast. (The Limor kickstarter Offer applies to Ireland only)

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