Evolution can be defined as follows "the gradual development of something." Unlike biological evolution which can sometimes take millions of years , technological evolution can happen overnight. The evolution of communication, media and social media has evolved drastically in recent times and that pattern is not going to stop anytime soon.

Limor the future of social audio

Limor the future of social audio

The most current state of evolution is happening as we speak, the evolution of audio and voice, we are now in "the era of voice". Limor the future of social audio has been designed as a result of this direct need for voice evolution in the domain of social media. Offering social media users the ability to return to the more 'social' interaction of voice communication rather than being limited to 280 characters.

The below article written by BMF head of digital and direct strategy, Irina Hayward gives an excellent insight into the reasons behind the 'era of voice' how to survive it and only adds to the reasons why you need to join the Limor conspiracy.

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In an always-connected multi-device world, our attention spans have diminished. We’re more easily distracted. We expect instant gratification on the go.

No longer do we simply stand in line for our morning coffee, or wait for the pedestrian lights to change, without checking our mobile devices.

And given the speed of the spoken language over the written form, it’s safe to say that voice-activated technology is shifting the digital landscape.

But the question still stands: have voice-activated devices entirely overturned how we interact with technology and engage with brands?

At this stage, we still have a long way to go.

Since 2011 when Apple introduced Siri, and in 2012 when Google released an android equivalent, we’ve come to expect our phones and apps to comprehend spoken queries.

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report outlined that while voice is beginning to replace typing in online queries, only 26 per cent of mobile queries were made via voice last year - most popular of which were very simple commands to call mum or dad, or for assistance to navigate home.

We’re just at the start of an even more connected future

Shopping via voice is still very much a new territory for consumers and brands.

Google Home was only recently released in Australia earlier this year, offering voice-controlled personal assistance that can regulate appliances, play music, provide news and weather alerts, answer questions and even control house lights.

The equivalent smart voice appliance, Amazon Echo, which quite cleverly prioritises its very own Amazon product range over competing brands, has yet to be launched in Australia. But with Amazon due to set up local operations in Melbourne soon, it’s easy to assume that the Amazon Echo won’t be too far from hitting our shores.

It’s not a trend that is going to stop

In the future it won’t just be our phones or voice-tech devices talking back to us. Overseas, Amazon Alexa has teamed up with Whirlpool to create voice-activated, smart home appliances such as ovens and washing machines that can be programmed with a simple word command.

So it’s safe to say that while the Internet of Things hasn’t completely kicked off locally, brands should begin to embrace, play and test the voice-activated technology now to ensure they are in the lead when the adoption cycle intensifies.

The consumer ecosystem is becoming a little more interesting

Rather than rely on written search queries, the online shopping experience – from product features to comparative price points and product reviews – could all be voice-activated.

By 2020, according to the latest ComScore report, half of all online global searches will be via voice. Search will be an integral first step towards engaging and connecting to a brand.

We’re already seeing the search-terms-shift. For example the written search query “Sydney cafés” now has a consumer voice-friendly equivalent: “What is the closest café in my area? How do I get there?”

So, as voice-based conversation queries dramatically differ to typed searches, brands will either need to modify their search optimisation and adjust to longer voice search terms or use evolving AI to help understand consumer intent.

Increasing emphasis on building trust between brands and consumers

Brands have used social platforms to listen and respond to conversations, and consumers have expected to be heard.

But as sight and touch expands to voice and more personal conversations, ironically through tech, voice activation will enhance this further and change the way brands connect with consumers in an even more meaningful way.

This will have significant effects on brand advertising

Through voice activation, brands will have a better understanding of consumers’ needs and more importantly individual intent.

Personalised ads will factor where people sit across the path to purchase more than ever before. From consideration to conversion to loyalty drivers, the dialogue will need to be specifically tailored at each phase of the journey – to drive deeper spoken, two-way relationships.

Late last year PayPal used Siri’s voice activation, allowing users to request and send payments: “Hey Siri, send Nat $50 using PayPal”.

Burger King capitalised on Google Home devices through a TV ad by prompting the phrase “OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?” setting off home devices and driving organic online social activity at a ridiculous scale.

Johnnie Walker unlocked cocktail mixing and recipes with Amazon Alexa, and Facebook Messenger bots by encouraging users to say: “Alexa, open Johnnie Walker”.

And with the recent launch of Apple’s HomePod, where music is controlled through natural voice interaction, the battle of the smart speakers continues.

What do local brands have to learn from our overseas counterparts?

We’re definitely seeing an increasing number of consumers using voice activation devices, providing brands with the opportunity to learn, interact and engage with customers in a way that hasn’t been imaginable before.

The ultimate irony being that technology is allowing more brands to become more human.

‘OK Google, for my next birthday, tell my husband that diamonds are a girls best friend.”

Article by: BMF head of digital and direct strategy, Irina Hayward

The Limor Conspiracy meets Brendan Schuab

Limor founder and CEO ShaneMonahan, Brendan Schuab and Limor Ambassador Paddy 'the hooligan' Holohan

Limor founder and CEO ShaneMonahan, Brendan Schuab and Limor Ambassador Paddy 'the hooligan' Holohan

Last weekend Limor founder and CEO Shane Monahan alongside Limor Ambassador Paddy 'the hooligan' Holohan had the pleasure of meeting Brendan Schuab.

Brendan is a former NFL footballer and former UFC fighter. He has since taken his talent and work ethic an applied it to the world of entertainment, comedy and Podcasting. He co-hosts the Fighter and the Kid weekly podcast with fellow comedian Bryan Callen and regularly appears on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with non other than Joe Rogan a pioneer in the Podcasting genre.

Brendan on stage enjoying the Dublin crowd and of course a Guinness!

Brendan on stage enjoying the Dublin crowd and of course a Guinness!

Brendan was in Dublin as part of his Brendan Schaub is LIVE one man show "The Big Brown Breakdown" tour. He discussed funny events from his life, career and of course the upcoming fight of the century Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather. His Dublin tour was a complete success apart from an incident where he put blackcurrent in his pint of Guinness! 

The Limor conspiracy and team Schuab

The Limor conspiracy and team Schuab

The Limor conspiracy got the chance to talk all things Limor, social audio, podcasting and all things Mcgregor vs Mayweather with Brendan over a Guinness (with no blackcurrent) after the show. The conspiracy also had the pleasure of meeting with his production team Jay Schuab and Chin Suyi. These guys are a great group and are making a massive impact in the Podcast industry.  

You can hear Brendan on his Podcast "The Fighter and the Kid" or "The Big brown Breakdown" and who knows you may even hear Brendan Schuab on Limor in the not too distant future! 


Sinead Kavanagh talks Bellator 182 and sparring Conor McGregor

Paddy Holohan with 'No shame' guest Sinead Kavanagh 

Paddy Holohan with 'No shame' guest Sinead Kavanagh 


In the second instalment of the 'No shame' podcast, Limor ambassador Paddy Holohan speaks to SBG team mate, sparring partner and long time friend Sinead Kavanagh.

Paddy Holohan Limor social audio Podcast "No Shame" Episode #002 - Sinead Kavanagh 

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Sinead a native of Inchicore, Dublin, Ireland, began boxing when she was 8 years of age in Crumlin boxing club. 

For many years Sinead fought as a competitive boxer, winning five national titles but became frustrated with the lack of progression in her career after nearly a decade of competition, so in 2015 she switched codes and began training MMA.


This move to MMA has proved to be a successful one. Training under SBG coach John Kavanagh and training with the likes of Paddy Holohan and Conor Mcgregor has helped Sinead hone her craft. 

The proof is in the pudding and since turning professional Sinead has won four out of five of her professional fights (4-1-0)(win-loss-draw) an impressive tally in anyones book.

Paddy Holohan and Sinead Kavanagh in the Limor studio

Her next scheduled fight is August 25th at Bellator 182 New York against Arlene Blencowe.

Nicknamed 'KO', Sinead is determined to live up to her reputation and bring home another victory.

Bellator MMA; Sinead Kavanagh vs. Blencowe, Turning Stone Casino, New York

During the conversation Sinead speaks about her excitement ahead of the fight in New York and gives insight into how she will prepare mentally and physically for what will be one of the most demanding 15 minutes of her career to date.

Video courtesy of of Bamma 

A friend and sparring partner of Conor McGregor, Sinead shares her excitement at the announcement of the Mayweather fight and gives her early predictions on the outcome of the match up. 

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

Sinead and Paddy both agree that Floyd has never experienced anybody like Conor McGregor, with his sharp tongue, relentless posturing and unorthodox fighting style.

I trained with this fella and he’s going to fight Floyd Mayweather, its just crazy and I cannot wait until the first press conference.
— Sinead Kavanagh
Listening attentively; Sinead's coach John Kavanagh sharing words of wisdom with Sinead and the pro SBG MMA team at a rolling session at SBG Dublin.

Listening attentively; Sinead's coach John Kavanagh sharing words of wisdom with Sinead and the pro SBG MMA team at a rolling session at SBG Dublin.

The full interview is available now on the Limor app. Download the app for free on the app store.

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