Sinead Kavanagh talks Bellator 182 and sparring Conor McGregor

Paddy Holohan with 'No shame' guest Sinead Kavanagh 

Paddy Holohan with 'No shame' guest Sinead Kavanagh 


In the second instalment of the 'No shame' podcast, Limor ambassador Paddy Holohan speaks to SBG team mate, sparring partner and long time friend Sinead Kavanagh.

Paddy Holohan Limor social audio Podcast "No Shame" Episode #002 - Sinead Kavanagh 

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Sinead a native of Inchicore, Dublin, Ireland, began boxing when she was 8 years of age in Crumlin boxing club. 

For many years Sinead fought as a competitive boxer, winning five national titles but became frustrated with the lack of progression in her career after nearly a decade of competition, so in 2015 she switched codes and began training MMA.


This move to MMA has proved to be a successful one. Training under SBG coach John Kavanagh and training with the likes of Paddy Holohan and Conor Mcgregor has helped Sinead hone her craft. 

The proof is in the pudding and since turning professional Sinead has won four out of five of her professional fights (4-1-0)(win-loss-draw) an impressive tally in anyones book.

Paddy Holohan and Sinead Kavanagh in the Limor studio

Her next scheduled fight is August 25th at Bellator 182 New York against Arlene Blencowe.

Nicknamed 'KO', Sinead is determined to live up to her reputation and bring home another victory.

Bellator MMA; Sinead Kavanagh vs. Blencowe, Turning Stone Casino, New York

During the conversation Sinead speaks about her excitement ahead of the fight in New York and gives insight into how she will prepare mentally and physically for what will be one of the most demanding 15 minutes of her career to date.

Video courtesy of of Bamma 

A friend and sparring partner of Conor McGregor, Sinead shares her excitement at the announcement of the Mayweather fight and gives her early predictions on the outcome of the match up. 

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

Sinead and Paddy both agree that Floyd has never experienced anybody like Conor McGregor, with his sharp tongue, relentless posturing and unorthodox fighting style.

I trained with this fella and he’s going to fight Floyd Mayweather, its just crazy and I cannot wait until the first press conference.
— Sinead Kavanagh
Listening attentively; Sinead's coach John Kavanagh sharing words of wisdom with Sinead and the pro SBG MMA team at a rolling session at SBG Dublin.

Listening attentively; Sinead's coach John Kavanagh sharing words of wisdom with Sinead and the pro SBG MMA team at a rolling session at SBG Dublin.

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