Mono E Mono Episode 3 - Allen O'Donoghue

Shane went Mono E Mono with Allen O'Donoghue

Shane went Mono E Mono with Allen O'Donoghue

For Episode 3 of the Mono E Mono podcast Limor CEO and Founder Shane Monahan met with a limor conspiracy original Allen O'Donoghue. 

Allen is a professional coach, trainer and facilitator with almost 20 years of experience in youth and family development, his specialist knowledge and understanding of family dynamics has supported hundreds of young people and adults in setting and achieving their personal goals. 

Allen is a powerful communicator something that was quite evident in this podcast , he understands how to tailor his communications skills to develop the skills of others. Allen uses these skills to help guide the people he encounters to live happy and prosperous lives and achieve their goals.


Allen is an extremely hard working individual who currently runs two successful life coaching companies and also contributes to the highly successful Anfield index Liverpool F.C supporters website and podcast channel.

An expert facilitator, Allen has a proven track record of developing successful teams in community and youth environments something he talks about with Shane. To hear this episode of Mono E Mono follow @shanemonahan on Limor or click the listen on Limor button below.

Remember you can talk directly to Allen via Limor social audio by following him on his limor account @IrishAl or contact him via his email ( today about how his coaching and facilitation skills can assist you!

Shane Monahan