APEC Athletic Performance Education Company

I can continue to teach even when the workshop is over, keeping in touch with my students has never been easier!
— Shane Cahill - Director of Education APEC

APEC (Athletic Performance Education Performance) is one of the largest strength and conditioning education providers in Europe and an accredited education provider for the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Shane Cahill(pictured above) is director of education at APEC. At 26 years of age he started to consult for various strength & conditioning education bodies throughout Europe as a human performance specialist.

 APEC Strength & Conditioning Education Seminar 

APEC Strength & Conditioning Education Seminar 

Shane is an ex professional rugby player with nearly a decade of professional rugby under his belt. The majority of Shane's professional rugby career was spent in England(most recently Premiership side london Welsh) playing as a loose head prop.

During his time here Shane gathered a vast wealth of knowledge and experience as a professional athlete.

 APEC Strength and Conditioning Education Company practical gym workshop in motion. 

APEC Strength and Conditioning Education Company practical gym workshop in motion. 

At the later end of his playing career he joined forces with various different professional and Olympic athletes from a multitude of different dissaplins to formulate what is known today as the Athletic Performance Education Company (APEC).

APEC will provide educational content from professional and Olympic athlete from around the globe to all its listeners and followers from its trusted audio social media platform Limor.

APEC Strength & Conditioning Education Company

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