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The Limor conspiracy is born

The Limor conspiracy has come a long way since its initial conception by founder and CEO Shane Monahan in December 2014. It was not until November 2015 when Shane finished his professional rugby career to focus on Limor that the wheels really started turning on the endevour. 

Limor the Startup

Bringing an idea into reality is often a long and arduous process, the Limor journey has been no different. If you run your own startup business or have ever been involved in one in the past you will understand the huge amounts of time and energy that is required to get it off the ground. There are many requirements that need to be met for a startup business. These range from business planning, market research, setting up a company, legal advice, shareholding agreements,the list goes on! oh and the small issue of needing money also crops up continuously. Achieving the initial raise was a major goal for Limor.

If you want to know what is costs to start and launch a tech company, work out a figure and treble it!
— unknown

Lucky for the Limor conspiracy there were investors who believed in the the concept, the potential of social audio and believed in Shane Monahans vision for Limor. Having a strong team of investors and advisors is essential for any business especially a new one and Limor has these in abundance.

Currently Limor is only available via Apple iOS, this will change with the release of Limor Android in early 2018.

Currently Limor is only available via Apple iOS, this will change with the release of Limor Android in early 2018.

Limor App development to date

After initial funding was achieved, design of the Limor app began in earnest and the Limor MVP 'minimal viable product' was delivered via iOS in August 2016. Following a successful period of User Acceptance testing 'UAT' an updated version of Limor was delivered in February 2017 and was then made available on the App store. From here a 'proof of concept' soft launch was carried out at the Cheltenham racing festival in March 2017. It was here that the same question kept being asked, can I get Limor on Android?

Although the initial design of the Android version of Limor was started in June 2016 is was not until this month December 2017 that construction proper on the Android version of the limor app began. This is an exciting and momentous occasion for the company. It now means that in early 2018 Limor will no longer be limited to Apple users and the final obstacle to Limors full launch will no longer be an issue.

So Android users have no fear , the wait is almost over ! 

For more news and information on the development of Limor its founder Shane Monahan will soon be starting a new podcast exclusive to the Limor platform. You can join the Limor conspiracy by downloading Limor for free on the app store

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