Paddy Holohan's exclusive Limor interview with MMA fighter Sinead Kavanagh

Sinead Kavanagh a recent guest on Paddy Holohan's 'No shame' Limor podcast.

Sinead Kavanagh a recent guest on Paddy Holohan's 'No shame' Limor podcast.


Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland; In this exclusive interview Paddy 'The hooligan' Holohan chats to professional MMA fighter and fellow SBG teammate Sinead Kavanagh following the announcement of Conor McGregor's super fight against Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on the 26th August. 

Paddy's new Limor podcast show titled 'No Shame' aired for the first time on the 3rd of June 2017 and will be a regular feature on Limor's social audio app moving forward. Paddy will not just be interviewing members of the MMA community but people from many different genres of sport, business ,the world of celebrity and beyond. Paddy's podcast 'No Shame' is first made available to the public exclusively on the Limor iPhone app. For those without an iPhone [Android], 'No Shame' will be made available on the Limor Youtube channel. 

The arrival of the Limor conspiracy sparked the beginning of a new era of social audio and through clever design and innovation created a platform which removes all the previous barriers to entry for creating and sharing audio.

The McGregor vs Mayweather fight is going to be the most anticipated ring of the bell in fighting history! Think all the way back to the thrilla in Manilla and Charles Burley days and to think we trained with this fella!
— Paddy Holohan

Limor is the worlds first ever social networking platform with the ability to create audio casts and share this audio content - instantly.

Clever design and product features remove the need for a recording studio, 3rd party editing software, or web hosting. The app is free with no in app purchases required and is available on the Apple's Appstore for immediate download.

Limor; ( is a technology company based in the Republic of Ireland. It was founded in 2015 by former professional rugby player Shane Monahan as the basis to produce his vision of a social audio platform and DIY podcasting app. The company name 'Limor' is an acronym of the phrase "less is more" this is the philosophy behind the design of the app. Limor is designed to make creating social audio recordings and podcasting a simple as, record, edit, share and listen.