Farmer Michael joins Limor, he is like Dr Phil but... different.

Galway, Ireland; Today, comedy duo Sir Stevo Timothy and Sinead Nora McGrath join Limor as brand and product ambassadors.

Best known for their depiction of characters 'Farmer Michael and Kathleen' Sir Stevo and Sinead are famed for their Youtube videos. The Galway based comedians will work alongside Limor, using the social audio platform to publish and share new and exclusive 'Farmer Michael and Kathleen' audio and podcast material.

A brand new 'Farmer Michael' questions and answers segment is to be introduced exclusively to Limor where Farmer Michael will share his unique opinions and advice to the public. Farmer Michael will answer his Limor followers questions and 'help' them in a similar way to Dr.Phil but... different. 

Limor is so easy to use even Kathleen can use it!
— Farmer Michael

In this never seen before format Sir Stevo and Sinéad will utilise Limor's unique audio commenting feature to speak directly to their fans, and reciprocally allow fans to speak to Stevo and Sinead, or Farmer Micheal and Kathleen. This direct fan engagement is expected to create massive excitement amongst their 170k strong following.

We are so excited to join Limor. Social audio is such an exciting new format and it is going to allow us to connect and engage with Farmer Michael and Kathleen fans in a way we never thought possible. Expect to hear Farmer Michael giving out shtink when he finds out he has to make a podcast.
— Sir Stevo Timothy & Sinéad Nora McGrath

The arrival of the Limor conspiracy sparked the beginning of a new era of social audio and through clever design and innovation created a platform which removes all the previous barriers to entry for creating and sharing audio.

Limor is the worlds first ever social networking platform with the ability to create audio casts and share this audio content - instantly.

Clever design and product features remove the need for a recording studio, 3rd party editing software, or web hosting. The app is free with no in app purchases required and is available on the Apple's Appstore for immediate download.

Limor; ( is a technology company based in the Republic of Ireland. It was founded in 2015 by former professional rugby player Shane Monahan as the basis to produce his vision of a social audio platform and DIY podcasting app. The company name 'Limor' is an acronym of the phrase "less is more" this is the philosophy behind the design of the app. Limor is designed to make creating social audio recordings and podcasting a simple as, record, edit, share and listen.

Exclusively on Limor via the audio commenting feature, to chat back to the comedy stars, using Limors world first audio commenting capabilities. Not to be confused with voice messaging in traditional messaging applications, Limor’s VC creates a thread underneath of the social audio recording which can include name tagging, likes, and shares as you would on a conventional social media platform like facebook with a text comment.

Follow listen and talk to Michael and Kathleen on the @Stevoandsinead Limor profile page.



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