Paddy Holohan meets Jobstown not guilty!

Mick Banks , Paddy Holohan and Sandra Fay

Mick Banks , Paddy Holohan and Sandra Fay

In the latest episode of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast Paddy met with members of Jobstown not guilty, Solidarity member Sandra Fay and jobstown resident Mick Banks. Mick was one of six men who were all cleared of falsely imprisoning the former Irish Labour Party leader Joan Burton during an anti-water-charge demonstration in 2014. If found guilty these men could have faced a sentence of life imprisonment.

Due to the world economic recession and as part of the €85bn EU-IMF bailout, the Irish government committed to introducing water charges by 2013 and to moving responsibility for water infrastructure from local authorities to a new water utility. This sparked outrage and protest amongst the already struggling Irish public.

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One of these protests against water charges was held in November 2014 in Jobstown, Tallaght. The then Tánaiste and leader of the Irish Labour party Joan Burton visited Jobstown for a graduation ceremony. As a result of the protest Joan Burton and her advisor Karen O'Connell were trapped in Garda cars for three hours after they tried to leave the graduation ceremony. This controversial event led to the arrests and charges being brought against the accused. 

In this fascinating Podcast Paddy talks in detail with Sandra Fay and Mick Banks about the events on the day of the protest, the events of the trial , and how the Jury came to the not guilty verdict. 

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