Limor signs up the Rugby Players Association(RPA)


LIMOR (“the Company”), the only social media platform dedicated to all aspects of Social Audio, announces that The Rugby Players' Association (“RPA”) – the representative body and collective voice of professional rugby players in England – has joined LIMOR.

The adoption of LIMOR will give the RPA a new voice via which to connect with all its various stakeholders.

Launched by the former Gloucester, Leinster, Connacht and Munster professional rugby player, Shane Monahan, the LIMOR app combines the best aspects of social media with audio and podcasting in a way that has never been done before - ‘Social Audio’.

LIMOR removes the traditional barriers of entry to the audio market often associated with audio and traditional podcast creation and also simultaneously brings audio into a social community removing the barrier between content creator and listener. 

The app allows users to record, edit, share, listen and reply to audio and traditional podcasts - in a social media environment - instantly from their smart device. LIMOR also enables users to talk directly to their friends and followers via LIMOR’s brand new voice comment section.

Shane Monahan, CEO of LIMOR, said:

“I am delighted the RPA has joined LIMOR’s Social Audio conspiracy. The world is now in an era of audio, with all major technology companies spending billions on voice technology to find the best method to corner the voice market. In social media terms, the answer is already here – LIMOR - we are leading the charge in the genre of Social Audio. The RPA is one of the first organisations in the world to adopt Social Audio and I’m really looking forward to hearing their LIMOR content.

“On a personal note, the RPA was a massive help to me when I played at Gloucester. Josh Frape, who was my RPA rep at the time, was always there to help, and they have continued to support me now on my entrepreneurial journey, which I am very thankful for."

Damian Hopley, Group CEO of the RPA Group, said:

"Shane has worked exceptionally hard both during and after his professional rugby career to develop a hugely impressive and innovative platform. The RPA is proud to be one of the first sporting organisations to sign-up to Limor; it provides an exciting and unique new way to connect with our members and the wider rugby community."

To listen to the RPA's first LIMOR cast with Shane, discussing his transition from rugby and the inspiration behind launching the app, please download and listen HERE. #JoinTheConspiracy


Simon Monahan