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Limor is a technology company based in the Republic of Ireland. It was founded by Irishman Shane Monahan. The story of LIMOR began in December 2014 when Shane was having a conversation with his father explaining what a podcast was and how it might help him with his voluntary work.

Shane, an avid podcast listener, suggested to his father that he should make his own podcast and start sharing it on social media and although initially very keen on the idea, his father immediately lost interest when the details of producing a traditional podcast was explained to him. It was too complicated, too expensive and far too time consuming.

At the time, other than these traditional methods, there was no simple technological solution to record, produce and share this increasingly popular medium — There was a real barrier to entry. Shane was faced with the question; “How do I make the process of recording and sharing a traditional podcast so easy that even my dad can do it?” The answer was Limor.

A good product comes from solving problems as every entrepreneur will tell you, and that is exactly what Shane did with Limor. Not only did this new social media tech app solve the problem mentioned with regards to barrier to entry, it also solved the issue of metrics on audio by centralising it in a social environment and giving users the ability to ‘listen’, ‘like’, ‘recast’ and ‘comment’ on created content.

One of Limor’s stand out features which truly ties into the social audio mantra is the voice commenting function. This feature allows Limor users to spark audio conversations underneath original cast content. These voice comments can also be supplemented by traditional text comments.

A user has the ability to interact with a content creator or podcaster by speaking to them directly via a communal thread. This is the closest thing a person will get to having the phone number of a celebrity they idolise. It is anticipated that voice comments will in time lead to mass interaction due to their convenience and the emotion they translate which is lost in traditional text comments.

Presently there is no other social media application in the world which has the user experience and functionality that Limor offers. As well as solve the barrier to entry and the issue of detailed metrics Limor wanted to solve another major issue facing podcast producers: interaction and engagement, an issue that podcasters don’t even realise they have yet.

Limor’s CEO & Founder, Shane Monahan is a qualified product designer and technology entrepreneur from the Republic of Ireland. His former career, prior to Limor, was in professional rugby, playing for top European clubs , Leinster, Connacht, Gloucester and Munster. This career, coupled with his years of entrepreneurship have opened up a massive list of contacts and a wide network of influencers and advisors to help grow the Limor conspiracy.

This extensive network has introduced Shane to both the:

World of investors —

Individuals and institutions looking for the next big and exciting opportunity in technology — something that Limor offers in spades.

World of influencers —

People who want to get into traditional podcasting and be first adopters of this new genre of social audio and use Limor to build up their own social audio following.

Since it’s official launch in September 2018 Limor downloads have grown to nearly 5,000. The exciting new genre of social audio, the growth in the voice market and explosion in podcasting has already helped Limor to raised over £500,000 in investment to date.

The exciting organic growth in Limor users has mostly been driven by worth of mouth with very limited promotion and marketing within the Limor team. Much bigger plans are still to come in the field of marketing and advertising, with some very exciting influencer partnerships to be announced in the not too distant future. When this happens we expect to see an even bigger spike in numbers on the app.

Shane’s passion and belief in the Limor project led him to hang up his rugby boots and make his idea for Limor a reality. Shane understood that ideas alone will remain stationary without execution and set about assembling a group of talented and experienced people to help drive his highly ambitious and innovative project forward. Currently, Limor is in the process of it’s next raise hoping to use this money in several areas including, the expansion of the company in terms of employees, improving the product and user experience, and marketing / advertising the app globally.

Shane and his team are working around the clock to redefine and evolve the world of ‘Social Audio’  with the LIMOR app.

Listen to Shane tell this story himself here

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