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Functionalities of Limor

When it comes to voice technology we are currently at the calm before the storm. The world is slowly but surely starting to see the effectiveness of voice technology and the extraordinary opportunities the genre of voice and audio opens up for content creation.

The audio revolution is well and truly underway in society.

The audio and podcasting environment has expanded massively since its inception - more and more people are using their voice to have real conversations with people and share these encounters with the world. The emotions that are captured and expressed through voice are far greater and more powerful than an image or some text can translate. This is one of the main reasons why people are now consuming and creating so much more audio content. Even in everyday life, people increasingly sending voice messages rather than traditional text messages — saving time, and getting a personal message across more effectively in the process .

The voice and audio world is booming and it is the next big frontier in the world of media.

Limor is combining the best aspects of both social media and podcasting. Limor allows users to instantly create audio and gives them the chance to connect and engage via voice. Getting a “like” on a photo or a piece of text is one thing, but getting “listens” on your content, shares, and voice comment replies relating to the social audio and podcasts you have published is another. Actually speaking with someone greatly enhances the whole experience of social networking — Limor offers real conversations and connections emphasising the “social” aspect.

“Podcasts and audio-first consumption are clearly exploding, and they’re one of the best ways to get started creating content for your business, product, service or brand.” 
— Gary Vaynerchuk

Here at Limor, we understand that time is valuable to most people, as is money. We created this app to solve these problems. Not only do we offer our app for free on iOS and Android, we also save you time when it comes to creating content. No longer do you need to invest in a studio — your phone is your studio. All your editing software requirements are built into the app in a user friendly interphase, and most importantly, you can record anywhere, anytime as shown in the video at the start of this article.

In the following video,  Limor founder and CEO Shane Monahan was on the go all day with business meetings. In between these meetings he intended on meeting up with an old friend for a coffee and a catch up. Instead Shane recorded and published a 20 minute cast straight from his phone on Limor sharing his conversation for everyone on the app to listen to and engage with straight away. It is that simple. The full cast is available on the app to listen to in full - here.

See all other videos on our official Youtube page of on the go audio recording with Limor.

Although the podcasting and audio creation world is definitely increasing in terms of creators and consumers, the metrics and analytics for this content has not improved at the same rate as the market. This was another issue Limor wanted to, and has succeeded in addressing — Limor has the best metrics available in the world of social audio..

The most important metric off all in our opinion though, is the interaction and feedback available to users from listens via the voice comments — bringing about the possibility of whole new conversations evolving in the comments section relating to your content.

Try Limor out and open yourself up to a whole new world of conversation and interaction — The next evolution of social media into voice is here.

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