Why are podcasts exploding now?

Traditional Podcasts are currently exploding and growing in popularity

Traditional Podcasts are currently exploding and growing in popularity

Podcasts are going through a revolution at the moment both in terms of consumption and creation, the podcast market is exploding. There are many reasons for this, the new awareness of the podcast genre, the new demand for more podcasts as a result of this awareness, and the resulting quality of excellent content being recorded and released on a regular basis due to this demand.

But what else is adding to this surge in popularity surrounding the podcast scene? See the following video where Limor CEO Shane Monahan gives his opinion on the discussion.

People are looking for new forms of media and content — television and video are great, but they require your full attention, they are also a means of entertainment which are consumed at very different times and situations than audio. Podcasts are consumed much in the same way as music which can be listened to anywhere, anytime , in the car, at the gym, cooking, etc. Podcasts allow listeners to multitask — they can consume the podcast audio and information while simultaneously continuing with current tasks at hand. In today’s busy world and the ever increasing limitations of time on peoples daily lives, this ability to multitask is essential.

“The rise in smartphones and the ability to access podcasts without wires has changed that, and greatly expanded the audience.” — USA Today

The above paragraph highlights that people are listening to podcasts, but what about those who are creating them? What is in it for them, and why are we suddenly seeing so many people wanting to launch their own podcast?

Well firstly, people have become tired with the ever increasing issue with current forms of social media , it is not social. People are looking for a more real social experience , more in depth information and content rather than an image or a limited number of characters in order to convey an opinion or get to know someone. This is where the power of voice and podcasting comes in. Hearing real conversations, peoples voices, opinions, emotions and passions bring humanity back to content and brings true value to the listener and consumer.

Where there is a market, there is the opportunity for monetisation. The current surge in podcasts has created a loyal market of listeners that sponsors can now target, a market which wasn’t necessarily there back in the early 2000’s when podcasts first came on the scene. Content creators are starting to see that they can make real money from their audio content.

“U.S podcasting revenue captured $314 million in 2017, a gain of 86% over $169 million in 2016” — IAB/PwC Podcast Advertising Revenue Study

Businesses are starting to see that they really need to take note of this emerging market and that it is worthwhile sponsoring these shows alongside traditional radio, television or video content.

These figures and numbers are increasing every day. Podcast generated revenues are projected to grow at nearly 30% annual rate between 2018 and 2022.

Now, how does this all tie in with new advances in technology and Limor? Our smartphones are more powerful now in 2019 than our desktops were back in the early 2000’s — meaning the creation of audio content has never been easier — this is where Limor has taken advantage and are way ahead of the game when it comes to the next evolution of social media into voice and the next evolution of podcasting into social. The Limor app allows anyone to join in on the new era of audio by creating and sharing audio anywhere, anytime and publishing it in a social community where they can instantly converse with other users via voice comments on their podcast content. This is social audio, thanks to Limor no longer do you need the technical know how or a studio to create and share a podcast, all you need is your phone as now — your phone IS your studio.

“The format’s rise (Podcasting) in popularity clearly coincides with a general increase in digital media consumption, specifically on mobile devices…” — Statista

The vast studies and statistics alongside our own research here at Limor predict that the rise in popularity of podcasting is only going to continue to increase and get bigger in the years to come. People are getting more comfortable with their voice as technology advances, this is added to by technologies such as Siri on your smart phone, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. As this voice technology continues to evolve so will Limor. Limor will continue to streamline audio and podcast content creation , distribution and interaction , otherwise known as social audio.

You too can be part of this social audio revolution - try Limor now for yourself by downloading for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and be a leader in this new form of social media and podcasting .

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Conor Heavey