What is Social Audio?

Sara Da Silva on Limor

Sara Da Silva on Limor

Social audio takes the best aspects of social media and combines it with audio and podcasts.

Many, if not all of you, have heard of the term “social media”, a phenomenon which has grown to dominate the lives of people across the world. Likewise, in more recent years a lot of you will have heard the term “podcast”, a podcast in layman’s terms is a home made radio show and again for some of you, these podcasts might be the new media which dominates your free time.

Podcasts, having first appeared in 2003 were at the time expected to be the next big thing but this initial prediction is only now starting to come to fruition 15 years later. There are many reasons for this new revival and explosion of the industry, mainly these are accessibility and technology - the phone you carry around now in your pocket is more powerful than the desktop you had in the early 2000s, and there is now the possibility of making money from podcasting, much like people have done with youtube channels through endorsements and advertising.

Social media is something which also started in the mid 2000s and hasn’t looked back since. It may have taken on different forms over the years whether thats been myspace, bebo, twitter, Facebook, instagram etc, but it has always been extremely popular and continues to be.

Social Audio, however, is a remarkably new term and a completely new genre. Social audio is at the stage social media was when it first appeared on the scene, to date not a lot of people understand or know anything about it this exciting new frontier of interaction. Social audio is the next evolution of social media into voice, and the next evolution of podcasting into a social environment whereby fans can interact and engage with their favourite podcasters via voice and conversation.

The video over on our Medium article is a short clip delivered by Limor CEO Shane Monahan which helps explain with graphics what social audio is and how Limor is currently the home of social audio. Explore social audio for yourself now by downloading Limor for free from the App store or google play. Be part of the early stages of of Limor as its rise and please let us know what you think of voice in social media.

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