Social audio


Social audio

Social audio is the one remaining, undisrupted channel of social media, and is the next evolution of social media.

It comprises:

-Primarily, short form audio content(social audio content) of less than three minutes; but also

-More traditional podcasts: i.e longer audio content of more than three minutes; and

-Audio books

LIMOR combines the world of social media with the world of audio and podcasting in a way that has never been done before into a new form of social media, 'social audio'.

It has a functionality that, we believe, is unmatched and use to record, edit, and share(cast)their audio content and create podcasts instantaneously.

A Limor user can create a 'following'(an audience) and can follow other users as well.

Limor removes the traditional barriers of entry to the audio market that often associated with audio and traditional podcast creation e.g radio, traditional podcasting, etc.

The App has advanced traditional podcast creation and editing functionality on a mobile device while simultaneously providing a broadcasting platform for content creators.

These features remove the need for a recording studio, editing software, a web host and finding an audience.